Our Communications Portfolios

//Communications Needs Research

We carry out communication programs research including communication audits and needs analysis, study its internal and external environments, its audiences, and design strategies to be used to meet the communication needs of the program or organisation.

A PR initiative, a complex multimedia communication's strategy, a social marketing campaign or a newsletter targeting internal or external audiences may be the answer. However, only structured communication research on the communication needs of the organization may point the management in the right direction.

Closely related to this is PR & Communications audit. Pre-testing and post-testing of IEC materials development is a service that our clients often request as we develop their IEC materials.

//Communications Strategy Design and Implementation

We also offer services in the design and implementation of communication strategies for development communication programs or organizations.

We are well placed to design the best approaches be they :

• Social marketing campaigns
• Informational campaigns
• Persuasive Communication Strategies
• Interpersonal Communication Strategies
• Mediated Communication Strategies
• Small Group Communication Strategies
• Social and Behaviour Change Communication(SBCC) Strategies